Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Blue Orange Games - ChickyBoom

Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Blue Orange Games - ChickyBoom
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ChickyBoom is a multi award winning game developed by Blue Orange Games that teaches kids about balance and is precarious and hilarious. The game begins with the chickens resting quietly on the roost but when one decides to move the roost begins to wobble. The aim of the game is to take turns collecting a chicken, haybale or wagon wheel piece from the roost without toppling the perch. The chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels each have a allocated points value, the winner is determined by adding up the points for your pieces when all pieces are removed or when the roost topples. The game requires 2 to 4 players. takes approximately 10 minutes to play and develops strategic thinking, hand eye coordination and is lots of fun. Chickyboom consists of 6 chickens (3 big, 3 small), 7 hay bales, 7 wagon wheels, 1 wooden perch comprised of a platform and a support and illustrated rules of game.