Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Blue Orange Games - Vroom Vroom

Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Blue Orange Games - Vroom Vroom
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This wonderful wooden Great Snail Race game is Ready, Set and Roll as you take turns to roll the dice and push your snail aound the track. Vroom Vroom by  involves first building your own track design from the pieces provided and then taking turns to play and move your snail and collect trinkets along the way. 

To play roll the 4 dice, then based on the number of dice showing your snails colour you can push your snail through that number of rotations, as you push your snail around the path be sure to collect one of each of the 3 trinkets. The first snail to cross the finish line with all trinkets collect wins the game.

Play Time:  10-20 minutes 

  • 4 Wooden Snails
  • 18 Pieces of Track
  • 1 Cardboard Podium
  • 12 Trinket Tokens
  • 4 Coloured Dice
  • 4 Snail cards
  • Illustrated Rules