Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Playroom Entertainment - Magic Labyrinth

Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Playroom Entertainment - Magic Labyrinth
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Are you ready to play the award-winning board game The Magic Labyrinth by Playroom Entertainment. Children and adults alike will love constructing the game board and navigating the maze. The apprentices to the Master Wizard have accidentally lost some objects in the The Magic Labyrinth. Now, they must try to collect them before the Master notices that they are missing. However, this magical maze has invisible walls that the little wizards keep bumping into, forcing them to start all over again. Sharpen your memory and show your skill as you navigate the maze and win the Master Wizard's favour. Each player tries to conquer the magic labyrinth by being the first player to collect 5 symbols. Bump into the wall however and you have to go back to the start of the maze!

Game consists of:- 

  • 24 Walls, 
  • 24 Chips,
  • Gameboard with Underground Labyrinth, 
  • 4 Magician Pawns, 
  • 4 Metal Balls, 
  • 1 Custom Die, 
  • a Bag and Instructions in English, Spanish and French.

To be played by 2 to 4 Players,

Approximately 20 Minutes Playing Time

Suitable for ages 6 to adult