Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Smart Games - Day and Night

Knock on Wood Toys ♥ Smart Games - Day and Night
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This sensational multi level logic game by Smart Games is perfect for developing your child's visual and spacial perception, fine motor and logical thinking skills. This game is also perfect for children with special needs. Day and Night contains 48 illustrated challenges in a colourful detailed booklet with game rules. Each challenge requires the blocks to be stacked in a particular sequence on the 3 peg stand as per the challenge detailed in the booklet. The challenges become more difficult as you progress through the booklet with challenge 1 the easiest and challenge 48 the most difficult. Day and Night consists of a challenge booklet, 9 colourful wooden blocks and a three peg stand to stack blocks. We introduced this game to our son when he was 2 and he has loved the challenge. Smart Games are designed in Belgium.